Calligraphy Jewellery

Celebrating Legacy

"One's name is the sweetest word in the world"

Calligraphy Jewellery was born of the desire to make striking jewellery inspired by the traditional art of personalized jewellery making and designing. It is not just a business. It is first and foremost a passion which enables us to share knowledge about the art and heritage of Calligraphy script and its beauty.

“The jewellery reflects the individuality of the wearer through the beauty of calligraphy”

Being born and brought up in Kuwait, I was fascinated with the rich history and heritage of the Middle East, especially jewellery making. Being a jewellery designer and gemstone expert myself, I had an inborn connection to artistry. However, I learned that the traditional art of Calligraphy jewellery creation was almost coming to an end due to lasers and computers. But computer programs can never replicate the beauty of free hand-drawn calligraphy. I discovered a group of like-minded Calligraphers and Jewellers who still work and produce jewellery exactly as it was produced originally hundreds of years ago. So, we got together to preserve and reach the world with this inheritance.

Calligraphy Jewellery is an endeavour to bring to you the magic of Name ornaments in English, Arabic, or any other language. One's name is the most beautiful script in the world and thus the concept of our collection is simple. It is the combination of the 3 best possibilities.

1. Personalized with Names

2. Designs inspired by heritage

3. Handmade tradionally

They make everlasting memorable Gifts since every piece is unique, meaningful and original to the wearer with their names, initials or messages. Such thoughtful gift not only connects emotionally but also lives forever as your legacy. Click here to view Collection